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  • Science in Africa with TReND, AuthorAID and a few connections

    Just over a year and a few months ago I moved to a small town in the northern provinces of Mozambique to support my wife in her work in community development and water and sanitation. I went with a willingness to help out where I could, but with no real background in development, what was […]


  • How to (not) do science writing

    This is a repost of an interesting and humorous post from Green Tea and Velociraptors – Jon Tennant gives some pointers on good science writing for both specialist and non-specialist audiences. Bare in mind the sarcastic tone! via Spice up your science with these 10 simple steps.

  • Ginger SNPs

    As part of the Royal Institution’s video Advent calendar series for 2013, ‘Chromosome’, I presented a little video about a gene on Chromosome 16, melanocortin 1 receptor (MC1R), called ‘Genetically Ginger’.

  • Science Haiku

    Cavefish body clocks Tick, tick, tick in the darkness Why there you might ask?

  • Science’s Silliest Stories – Science Museum Lates

    Last week I ran an event at the adult-only Lates event at London’s Science Museum titled Science’s Silliest Stories. In it I told a story of some of the odder pieces of research that have been published recently to draw out some of the more curious sides of scientific research. I really enjoyed the evening. […]

  • Zoos: Thoughts from time as a volunteer

    Zoos are the place where a lot of people come into contact with exotic animals for the first time – especially in Britain, Western Europe and North America, where much of our ‘wild’ life has been decimated over time as humans have colonised the landscape. Exotic creatures seem to enthral people, especially children, and zoos […]

  • Wonders of Life

    Have you seen any of the BBC’s new series, Wonders of Life? If not, I’d really recommend you catch it – it’s available on iPlayer until the 3rd of March. I’ve heard some criticism of it – that it’s too Physics-y or that Brian Cox just isn’t David Attenborough or the changing locations is annoying […]

  • What do I want to achieve with this blog and why?

    One my ambitions for this blog is to communicate topics linked to my PhD in accessible language. I want it to make sense to my mum, my wife’s mum and the general interested adult (although my mum did proof read my thesis 3 times so she probably already has a good idea and I am indebted to her […]