Why is Darwin more famous than Wallace? Cultural survival of the fittest

A young Wallace and Darwin

Why is Darwin is more famous than Wallace?

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Why Evolution is True – Why is Darwin more famous than Wallace?

Essentially it was because of the impact of Origin of Species.

With their joint paper, Darwin and Wallace can be thought of a co-proposers of evolution by natural selection. Unfortunately for Wallace’s fame stakes, this joint paper did not arouse much interest at the time. Origin, a year later, with Darwin’s name at the forefront and Wallace being deferential to his colleague, captured both scientist and public imagination. From this, Darwin was the one being ridiculed in cartoons as a half-ape, and Darwin was the name people associated with evolution. It’s also interesting to note that natural selection (but not evolution) went through somewhat of a out-of-fashion period in the early 1900s, which affected Wallace’s fame while not as severely affecting Darwin’s, whose fame stemmed from bringing evolution as a whole to the attention of the world. Later, the Modern Synthesis, a sort of union (or reunion) of evolution, natural selection and genetics in the 1930s, seems to have remembered the contributions of Darwin whilst largely forgetting Wallace’s. As we inherit this synthesis of evolutionary thought and its associated history, we cast Wallace’s role by the wayside – a fitting and ironic example of cultural evolution and survival of the fittest.

Note added November 2021: It seems Bill Bailey is doing his part to help get Wallace more into our cultural memory, unveiling a bronze bust of Wallace in the naturalist’s home town of Usk, Monmouthshire https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-59179673.

Evolution: What did Darwin, Wallace and Lamarck contribute?

To start this blog off, a little bit of history.

Do you know who Charles Darwin is? How about Alfred Wallace? Jean-Baptiste Lamarck? You’ve probably heard of the first guy. The second, maybe. The third? Perhaps if you’re interested in biology, or French science.

All three men are important in the development of evolution by natural selection as an idea. Darwin is the most famous because of his grand work, Origin of Species, which contributed not just to evolutionary theory but also to the communication of science both then and now. But Wallace and Lamarck should not be forgotten; both have their place in the history of the evolutionary theory, and therefore, are important to the content of this blog. Here is a little summary:

Charles Darwin, Alfred Wallace and Jean-Baptiste Lamarck. Important contributors in the history of evolutionary theory
Charles Darwin, Alfred Wallace and Jean-Baptiste Lamarck. Important contributors in the history of evolutionary theory

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