Category: Research news

  • The physics of human walking and considering the wider picture

    Impulsive ankle push-off powers leg swing in human walking Susanne W. Lipfert, Michael Günther, Daniel Renjewski, and Andre Seyfarth J Exp Biol 2014 217:1218-1228. I love papers like this. The extreme level of detail people go to in the quest to discover is fascinating. The question that always comes to my mind is “What made them decide…

  • Genomic parasites

    Genomic parasites – we all have them but how are they kept under control? You may think you are parasite free. “No malaria, bilharzia or tapeworms in me”, I hear you say… If you think this you’re actually mistaken. Humans, and many organisms besides, carry parasites within their own DNA. These parasites have left behind…

  • Explainer Science News 07.08.13

    This week, some research news for the Explainer team at the Science Museum – encompassing research from the whole of July, 2013.